Clean Bubbles


Basic Cleaning

We understand your time is important and cleaning your home could very tedious and time consuming sometimes. That is why we offer our premium residential cleaning to take care of that for you. Our regular residential cleaning is perfect for your routine weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cleanup. We clean countertops, floors, tables, sink basins, faucets chairs, appliances, windows sills and mirrors. And because we know how important is to have a clean bathroom, we spend extra time cleaning your bathrooms and bathtubs.

Deep Cleaning

Special cleaning services for someone who would like their house clean for the first time, one-time, or special request cleaning. Our deep cleaning includes our regular residential cleaning plus a detailing cleanup of your oven, stovetop, microwave, toaster, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, toilet, reorganize and clean your cabinets, kitchens and closets, disinfect trash cans, coffee maker and door knobs, scrub walls, dust ceilings, corners, light fixtures, lamps and fans, and wash clothes.     

Move In/Out Cleaning

Would you like to get your full security deposit back? We got you! Our Move in/out cleaning service is especially for tenants that have made the decision to vacant their current unit and do not want to stress out about cleaning the old place. We combined our basic and deep cleaning to better suit the customer’s needs.  

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning with a Mop
Empty Kitchen